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Fixing Down lights and a small safety issue for Janice at Hornsby

I went to a clients house today at Normanhurst in the lower north shore part of  Sydney. Her name was Janice Waiter. She had a problem with her down lights. Her house is probably ten years old and she has 60 down lights in her house. She said it felt like every few weeks she had another bunch of globes to change.  When she changed the bulbs in some of the rooms she found thais was not fixing the problem. She gave us a call and we came out. We identified the type of down lights and we gave her an upfront cost on the repairs. Some of the repairs required were: transformers, lamp holders and globes changing and she agreed to the upfront price and was very happy for this Sydney electrician to get the job done for her.

When we first start pulling this down lights, we noticed that there was insulation covering all of the down lights. If you could imagine a halogen down light bulb heats up to 300-350 °C and that insulation is like putting a blanket over the top of it. It gets super-hot and causes all parts of the fittings to fail and to burn out, not to mention the fire hazard. We moved the insulation out of the way and are advised about the new energy saving LED down lights which is a direct replacement for the halogen now. It has a nice wide angle of the beam on the globe so it gets an even spread of light throughout your room. The LED’s are really good. I gave her the option to change those and I also recommended heat hoods. She decided that the areas that she uses the most she would change them to the LED lights because she would save the most amount of money. It would cover the cost of installation quite quickly.

The rest of the house we just repaired the transformers or lamp holders or whatever the problem was. Now, we also found her son an eighteen year old guy. At this age they think that they know all, not to be offensive for I was one of them too. He tried to fix a light switch and have left live wires hanging out were people could get electrocuted so easily. As soon as I saw this I told Janice how dangerous it was. It took me ten minutes to fix it properly using the correct parts and only cost her about $50 to fix that.  I don’t know how long her son was trying to get it working for? Basically at the end of the day, if you get someone that knows what they’re doing, is an expert at their trade. In this case I’m an electrician. We can fix things far quicker, far easier and hundred times better than anyone who doesn’t have the experience in doing that. At the end of the job, Janice was super happy with identifying that safety issue that her son had coused. She loves the LED’s in her house and we mend the things she’s concerned at so she was really happy.

She wrote us a testimonial:
Cleanliness: 5/5
Quality of workmanship: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Courtesy: 5/5

She wrote a couple of comments stating that I was very helpful and we responded promptly on her call. Janice was very satisfied with our services.

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Switch Board Replacement

We came to Julia to do some work and made some safety inspection on her switch board. The original switch board in the house has burned marks and the fuses were all blown up. I gave her a quote to put some new safety switches on to get it up to the current standards. If there is ever a problem with someone’s getting electrocuted, the safety switches and circuit breakers can automatically detect those problems and turn off the four switches in the board if something bad happens.
This old black panel is actually asbestos for at the back portion there is a label Lebah wherein Lebah is a trade name of panels manufactured from asbestos material.
We made a new switch board. The asbestos panel has been replaced with a new panel which is fire resistant and the switch board has all the safety switches. You can actually check the switchboard once a moth if it’s working just by pressing the test button and it turns off. Once you know that it’s working just flick it back up. The switch will automatically trip when it detects an electrical problem to protect the house from further damage. If you have one of those old fuse boxes give us a call and we can make a safe one that fits the safety current standard.

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Another Satisfied Customer from Parramatta

Hi! It’s Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical. We were called by Josh Izel of Parramatta. He rang us at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, telling us that a tree had fallen over his power; his aerial service coming into his house and it pulled out his consumer mains, which was a cable that comes from aerial service down to his switchboard. When he called us at around 2, we were almost finished with our other work for the day and we managed to reach his house at around 4 o’clock. When we arrived, we looked at the damage and it was a large job and we needed to start straight away and finish first thing in the morning. We worked into the night, running new lines and wires into his house and to the main switchboard.

While working, we noticed that his earth system needed to be upgraded as part of the electrical requirement for our local electricity suppliers. Aside from this, I noticed that his switchboards were in a bad state. I gave him the option of upgrading his switchboard at the same time. He was more than happy for us to proceed with both portions of the job. So we worked into the night to get power back on for him. The next morning, we came back and upgraded his switchboard so his whole house was protected by safety switches.

Once we’ve finished the job, we also noticed that the wiring in some parts of his house was pretty shabby and had some safety issues. As what we always do, we gave him a free safety inspection on the electrical system of his whole house, where we pointed out a few minor problems. We are fixing those faulty wirings in the next few days. He was seriously considering us to rewire everything in his house. So all in all, he will have a 100% new electrical system in his house. That made him very happy, knowing that soon everything will safe and up to standards.

He was really happy with how efficient we worked and how quickly we did the job for him. He gave us a 5/5 rating for tradesman and professionalism as well as for cleanliness and tidiness. So if you ever have an electrical emergency such as absence of power or if your service provider can’t fix the problem in Sydney or in Parramatta area, please give us a call at 1-300-796500. We are available 24/7 to help you get power back to your home.

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Fixed Down Lights in No Time

Yesterday, I had a job for Cameron from Waterloo, Sydney. He was having problems with his Down lights. They have been flickering on and off; and constantly turn off for 15 minutes and just come back on. Now, this is a common problem among halogen down lights.

Down lights has been around for a while now so there are a lot that are being installed. What I did was I studied a couple of lights and I saw that he had old iron transformers, which has big, black buttons. These transformers are prone to catching fire when they become too hot. When they get too hot, they have these little thermo overloads that are built-in; these then automatically shuts down the light to allow to cool down. Once the temperature cools down, they are turned on after 15 minutes. Now, these transformers have been banned in Australia because those thermo overloads can cause fires when they become too hot. So once I saw these in Cameron’s house, I gave him the option of replacing those transformers or we replace the lights with LED lights. Replacing LED lights is not a problem since they are exactly compatible with his current light fittings. I suggested to him to use Philips 10-watt LED globe, which looks exactly the same as the halogen lights. LED globes are very similar to halogen lights except that they only consume 80-90% of electricity used by halogens and that they last 10x longer than halogen bulbs, LED lights can last 30,000 hours. Also, LED lights do not get hot, so he did not have to worry about light bulbs blowing all the time. He did not have to worry about possible fires and flickering lights.

Cameron from Waterloo was quite happy when we put those LED lights in his house. He decided to add four more in his living area. So, of course, I called up my team really fast and got them up and working as quick as possible.

We did a little safety inspection of his house. We found that everything was good except for the down lights. I gave him a quote to do the rest of the rest of the house. He is going to proceed with that in the next couple of weeks. He was really happy with the LED lights. I’m looking forward for his feedbacks in the coming weeks with regards if he has noticed a difference in his electricity bill. So if you have a problem with your down lights in your house in Sydney, please give me a call on 0419693141 and we can get those down lights never a problem for you; I’m sure you will be extremely happy.

Just a short note, so you  don’t get confused. When all the drama happening in Sydney with the government insulation programs, insulations installed on top of down lights. Down lights became unpopular and everyone was trying to come out with a solution with compact fluorescent LEDs; however they were not happy with the light output because it wasn’t as good as the halogens. And now, with Phillips’ 10-watt LED, it totally changed the game. Now, these LED lights are not as expensive as the first generations of LED lights that first came out in the market, and the light output matches halogen lights 100%. They are as bright and have the same yellow light as the halogens and they are adjustable and are compatible with any current down light fittings you have. They are fantastic, and if you want these Philips 10-watts LED down lights, then please give me a call. Cameron was really happy and he’s getting his whole house done so we’re expecting lots and lots of clients doing exactly the same thing.

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Simple Solution to Save Money on Your Power Bill

I did a job for Benjamin White. His house was at St. Ives. Previously his electrical bill was around $500 to $600 a month, which is quite high considering the size of his house. Then all of a sudden his power bill jumped up to $1300 for the next quarter and reached $1700 for the next quarter after that. He already asked a few people to inspect his electrical system, but according to him, those people didn’t know what they were talking about.

I did a quick check and found that his pool equipment was actually using 200 watts of electricity every four minutes. If you calculate that, he was spending $15 to $20 dollars worth of electricity for his pool alone. There was an obvious problem with his pool. We found out that his pool has not worked properly for some time already and it needed to be fixed before summer. The pool’s filter is working for eight hours a day to keep it clean. Now, that’s the reason why he’s spending too much on his electric bill.

After checking his pool, I drafted a plan and gave him choices on how he can save on his electricity bill. I told him that he can…

1. turn it off and not use his pool,

2. buy a new pool pump which can be pretty expensive or

3. he can use his off-peat meter which controls his hot water system.  He opted for my third advice which is more economical. His pool will be heated eight hours each night, it is heated at night and automatically turns off in the morning. His pool filter is far away from the house, so noise is not going to be an issue for anyone. So it was quite a good solution.

I was pretty confident that his electric bill will drop from $1700 to $500 or $600 and he still got his pool working. If you get an electrician who knows what he’s doing and can do those simple calculations, there are plenty of ways for you to save on your electric bill.

Ben was really happy with our work. He wrote us  testimonial. It’s quite a good one because he previously asked the help of two other electricians who didn’t know what they were doing and what they were talking about. Benjamin gave us a 5/5 for neatness and cleanliness. A 5/5 for courtesy and professionalism.  He was really happy with the work area condition and the cleanup and gave us another 5/5 for that. And for his overall satisfaction, he gave us a 6/5. He also said this, “ I decided to hire them because I’ve tried two electricians already who failed to deliver what they had promised. Compared to them, Aaron really had a logical and simple approach over the phone. When he arrived, he quickly identified the cause of the problem and gave me a bunch of solutions. It was such a simple process. I definitely recommend Aaron from Aaron’s Complete Electrical as your premier electrician in Sydney”.

So if you have problems with your electric bill, give us a call because we can definitely help you.

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Data Cable Installations

We had a call from a guy named Paul Sheehan from Kings Cross. He owns a big, high-rise cleaning company. His company accepts jobs cleaning the sides of high-rise buildings. His company just transferred to a new office without power points and Data and phone outlets where they wanted them.

It was a real time-sensitive type of job. He rang me on a Monday and told me that they were moving to the new office on the following weekend. We managed to check their new office quickly and gave him  an estimate of how much the work would cost. He took the quotation to his boss or to other people that make decisions in his company. They discussed it and called be back, telling me that they had decided  to get the job done. This allowed us to start the job on Thursday. It was two days worth of work. We got all the Data outlets and cabling installed on their workstations. We also got power points installed everywhere, with extra circuits. We also installed patch panels and his telephone system were all pathed up to wherever he needed the outlets to go. We were ready for his IT group to start setting up by Friday. They sort of helped us and we also helped them a bit to make sure that everything was okay. We finished our portion of the job by Friday afternoon. The IT guys kept working over the weekend, and by Saturday they got everything done.

Cat 6 Patch Cable

patch lead or data cable

patch panels with the cat 5 wiring in sydney

patch panels with the cat 5 wiring in sydney

They moved their office on the same weekend. I spoke to them on Monday and he told me that everything went smoothly. He told me that he was really happy with our service. We ran the cabling to check if everything was installed properly. It is important to run the Diablo cabling correctly and use good quality iJ 45 mex. Cat 5 cable is good if you are doing a large video transfer or you are transferring lots of dialogue between your computers and your servers. If you really need it to be super fast, then you can use Cat 6 instead, but to be hones, the extra expense involved is not worth it, unless you are transferring really large data and you need them to be transferred quickly.

With regards to his power points, we set it up on a server UPS, so that if the power went down, he would not lose all the stuff that have not been saved on his server. We put them on separate circuits and we had safety switches to protect his employees  and surge-protected outlets to make sure it won’t break any computer stuff if there’s a surge on that area.

Paul wrote us a testimonial and answered our survey. Here is his ratings:

  • Courtesy and professionalism: 5/5
  • Technician neatness and cleanliness: 5/5
  • Work area condition and cleanup: 5/5
  • Overall satisfaction: 5/5

Here is Paul’s testimonial, “I rang Aaron because we’ve used him before. He offers very efficient services and can work between the given time frame. He compares to other tradesmen extremely well because he meets deadlines, it doesn’t matter what kind of job it is. Lastly, Aaron has this can-do attitude that he can really do the job for us. The benefits of the products and services he provided for us was, basically, he allowed us to complete our move on time. He did the job quickly. I will definitely recommend Aaron from Aaron’s electrician, to anyone who needs an electrician in the city of Sydney.

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Changing Light Fittings and Other Electrical Jobs for Mrs. Havgatt

On December 10, 2012, I did a job for Mrs. Margaret Havgatt in Eastwood. She required us to change light fittings in her bathroom to something more adequate as her old light fittings weren’t what the customers want or require.

We recommended to her to replace them with IXL brand 3 in 1  heat-light-fan unit. It has heat globes to produce radiant heat to the person standing underneath it. It also has a bright energy efficient light in the middle of it and also a fan that sucks moisture out of the bathroom. The heat-light thing unit can be used as light because the unit we installed has four lamps and can provide light and heat her bathroom up. I also installed the extraction fan to help eliminate molds and prevent damage to equipment due to excess moisture. Moisture is extracted as soon as it hits the ceiling.

ixl sensation

the ixl sensation fan / light / heat that we installed at eastwood

The IXL sensation that we installed

We installed the new light fittings exactly where the old one was, leaving no mess on Mrs. Havgatt’s bathroom ceiling. There were no obvious signs that anything has been changed.

After doing the light fittings, we also found a problem with a senso light out the front. We performed walk tests on the sensor by tricking it into thinking it was night time and testing the range of detection for that light. We found that her a sensor was only intermittantly working and recommended it be replaced with one more suitable. We called our suppliers and asked for the most adequate fittings to replace her old ones ( we don’t carry all the different fittings in our van). We gave her a quote and she was happy for us to proceed. We will do the job the day the new light arrives at our wholesaler. The new light will work as intended so no more waving her arms and jumping up and down to try and get the sensor to pick her up and provide light. The new sensor has a better range so it will pick her up and provide light before she even needs it.

As soon as we were done with the job, we did a free safety check on her house. While checking her house, we found several things that needed repairs and replacements to meet the current standards. She asked us to work on her switchboards. Her switchboards were of the old isolated-type and not the new circuit-breaker type. Also, her switchboard’s lighting circuit did not have any protective safety switch; current regulations and standards require installations of safety devices on all lighting and power circuits. These are easy to fix and she said she would get us to do it asap.

Aside from finding faulty switch boards, we found eight faulty electrical points around the home that were either hazardous and dangerous. These things include broken switch mechs and light switches, with cracks around the plate that holds the switch mechanisms. The plate could come loose and electrical terminals might be exposed. We recommended that she have all these replaced and fixed as soon as possible. We replaced four of her GPO’s with new ones because they had massive cracks in them and really were in bad shape.

Mrs. Havgatt also asked a quotation; she wanted to know how much would it cost to run some Data cables cables from the study to other various rooms in her house. We gave her a quotation for this and it is up to her if she wants those cables installed or not. She said she would check with her husband but they would more than likly go ahead in the new year because they had had enough of the slow wifi at home.

After we completed the job, Mrs. Havgatt was very pleased with us. She answered a customer satisfaction survey for us. She rated us as follows:
• Cleanliness and neatness: 5/5
• Courtesy and professionalism: 5/5
• Area condition and cleanup: 5/5
• Overall satisfaction: 5/5

Mrs. Havgatt also wrote that she already hired us before and she was both satisfied on our previous and current works.

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Electrical Repair Job in Wesley Mission

On the 19th of the 11th of 2012

I completed a job for the Wesley Mission. It is a company that looks after people with special needs.  The community takes good care of Miss Heide Hitcher. She has a full time carer to look after her as she is unable to walk properly. Her problem was she needed more light when walking to her front door and the family Hitcher also wanted more light for security reasons such as when strangers exit through or near the property.

We discussed options and looked for various locations to install the light and came up with the  idea to install a sensitive light fitting in front of her house. The light fitting would pick up motions on either side of her property, especially when someone is  walking the path towards her front door.

The light we installed was  halogen floods, this is a good quality light fitting and puts on a lot of light for the energy  it uses. You have to cross a beam and the sensor trigger the light to be turned on. The lights can also be adjusted for the day and night settings such as how dark or bright the light should, how sensitive it is to motions and objects that passes through the beam and it has a timer.

Miss Hitcher was so happy with the job that she came and had a look and also her carer.  They were so happy and wrote a testimonial and gave us high ratings.  Here is there testimonial and ratings:

  • Technician, neatness and cleanliness: 5/5
  • Courtesy and professionalism:  5/5
  • Working condition and Clean up:  5/5
  • Overall satisfaction:  5/5

According to Miss Hitch, the products we installed are very helpful to her. The lights added security to  her house and made it easier for her to move around. Aside from the ratings, she added that she will highly recommend us to her friends and family if they need an electrician.

I also wrote down a safety report for this customer. Here are the things I noticed:

She was on a wheel chair which can be a potential hazard in itself but made sure we throughly checked for any electrical hazards aswell..

We found a broken socket that laid in the kitchen, somebody with wet hands may touch it or moisture in the air may cause a short circuit. We gave her the option if we can repair it straight away and she was happy for us to fix it on the spot.



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A Satisfied Client from Summerhill, Sydney

Ok, so we were called up by a lady today named Jennifer Leigh from Summerhill in Sydney.

She was putting a tea towel shelf in her kitchen. While drilling holes, she drilled a hole through an electrical wire.  There were already 10 or 20 holes in her kitchen splashback and in her kitchen walls.

She wasn’t sure what the problem was when after a while she couldn’t drill holes anymore because the power was totally off. So she rang me up, saying she needed an electrician urgently.

Good thing we have this emergency service where we guarantee our customers that we will be there in two hours or less.

We finished the job as quickly as possible and helped sort out her problem.

Upon arrival she said she was drilling and the power would switch on and off intermittantly. She was doing a few small jobs in her kitchen and laundry for towell and spice racks. She had fixing holes in the splashback of the kitchen and a few holes around the walls for the shelf.  So we didn’t know which hole had cause the problem but i would say that somewhere her electrical wirings had been drilled through. It took a little bit of testing to figure it out and we actually located it. We also found that one of the racks she installed  was live and had a potential to get an electric shock off.  So that sort of helped us isolate the problem. We had to dig up a couple of tiles. And true enough we found there some part of the wires were drilled through. The electrician who did the electrical works of Miss Leigh’s house did not install the wiring properly, which was the reason why it was so hard for us to find the wires. If only the wires were installed properly, then they wouldn’t have been able to be drilled through and it would be easier for us to locate them. The wires were allowed to go vertically straight up or horizontally straight across any socket, outlet, switch, etc.. We dug up the tiles, redirected the cables and placed a little junction in the back of her cupboard and directed the new cable to pass through her benchtop.

She was really happy with the job. Yeah, it was all done, all right once we had finished. We also wrote down a report for her so that she can show it to her insurance company. The repairs were covered by her insurance company, so it did not cost her anything and this also made her happy.

I actually got a testimonial from her. Here is her testimonial:

  • Neatness and cleanliness: Excellent!
  • Courtesy and professionalism: 4/5
  • Work area, condition and cleanup: 4/5
  • Overall satisfaction: Excellent!

She called us up because we were recommended by one of her friends. She said, compared to other tradesmen, I was very good. The benefits she received from our services was that we came right away and instantly fixed the problem. Lastly, she said that she will definitely recommend us to her family and friends.

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Emergency Electrical Repair

Just went to Michael Lijic. It’s Sunday afternoon, he called me up at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, saying he had no power.

I tried to help him find the problem over the phone and see if he can get at least get some circuits temporarily working to get him through the evening, so that he didn’t have to pay the after hours. He was unable to find the problem so I offered to come over to his house first thing on Monday morning. But he really wanted for someone to come over tonight, even if it is Sunday night. He didn’t want to have no power for his young family for the whole night. He’s worried about the cold temperature.

So we came over and had a look at the problem. It was a 1940’s house with the old rubber wiring. This rubber wiring, every time I see it, I always recommend that they replace it since it is a notorious for causing problems. We were able to trace down the rubber wiring which was causing the power to trip. I managed to isolate this faulty cabeling and get the rest of the house back on.

It took us half an hour to get the power back and running. He wrote a testimonial and rating for us, his exact comments were:

  • Professionalism and courtesy: 5/5
  • Cleanliness and work area cleanup: 5/5
  • General service: 5/5
  • Overall satisfaction: 5/5

His exact words were: “I really appreciated Aaron dropping everything he was doing on a Sunday afternoon and coming over to get our power back. I don’t think I can handle the night with the young kids with no power, not to mention the cold night. So thanks Aaron! I will definitely recommend you.”

So once I finished the job, he paid me up and I wrote down some recommendations. I recommended that his section of wiring needed to be rewired and be separated. The main problem with his electrical wirings was that he only has one circuit, I suggested that it should be separated into three to avoid overloading. We also planned to upgrade his switchboard with individual safe switches. So in case he encounter the same problem, he’ll only lose power on that particular area and it would be easy to repair.

Now, with the age of his house and the age of his wiring, sooner or later, it is going to need rewiring. I gave him a quote for a full rewire and I also recommended to the rewiring in stages. Rewiring his house in stages can help him with the budget, since he cannot afford to do the full rewiring at once. I told him that I will start in the area that needs attention first. We are going to do it over the week; we’ll start this Monday.

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