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A Satisfied Client from Summerhill, Sydney

Ok, so we were called up by a lady today named Jennifer Leigh from Summerhill in Sydney.

She was putting a tea towel shelf in her kitchen. While drilling holes, she drilled a hole through an electrical wire.  There were already 10 or 20 holes in her kitchen splashback and in her kitchen walls.

She wasn’t sure what the problem was when after a while she couldn’t drill holes anymore because the power was totally off. So she rang me up, saying she needed an electrician urgently.

Good thing we have this emergency service where we guarantee our customers that we will be there in two hours or less.

We finished the job as quickly as possible and helped sort out her problem.

Upon arrival she said she was drilling and the power would switch on and off intermittantly. She was doing a few small jobs in her kitchen and laundry for towell and spice racks. She had fixing holes in the splashback of the kitchen and a few holes around the walls for the shelf.  So we didn’t know which hole had cause the problem but i would say that somewhere her electrical wirings had been drilled through. It took a little bit of testing to figure it out and we actually located it. We also found that one of the racks she installed  was live and had a potential to get an electric shock off.  So that sort of helped us isolate the problem. We had to dig up a couple of tiles. And true enough we found there some part of the wires were drilled through. The electrician who did the electrical works of Miss Leigh’s house did not install the wiring properly, which was the reason why it was so hard for us to find the wires. If only the wires were installed properly, then they wouldn’t have been able to be drilled through and it would be easier for us to locate them. The wires were allowed to go vertically straight up or horizontally straight across any socket, outlet, switch, etc.. We dug up the tiles, redirected the cables and placed a little junction in the back of her cupboard and directed the new cable to pass through her benchtop.

She was really happy with the job. Yeah, it was all done, all right once we had finished. We also wrote down a report for her so that she can show it to her insurance company. The repairs were covered by her insurance company, so it did not cost her anything and this also made her happy.

I actually got a testimonial from her. Here is her testimonial:

  • Neatness and cleanliness: Excellent!
  • Courtesy and professionalism: 4/5
  • Work area, condition and cleanup: 4/5
  • Overall satisfaction: Excellent!

She called us up because we were recommended by one of her friends. She said, compared to other tradesmen, I was very good. The benefits she received from our services was that we came right away and instantly fixed the problem. Lastly, she said that she will definitely recommend us to her family and friends.

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