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Alexa Rachibroska of Harris Park sent us through some feedback about our services

I’m happy with everything with everything that has been done, Its not making funny noises any more and I feel safer . Our fuse was buzzing really loud, they were really crackly and threatening to burn my house down. Aaron arrived really fast and told me about our house not having the safety switches and he did a free safety report at the end. I feel so much safer at home now , and since I’ve had them changed I have had absolutely no problem. I’m very happy, it was all done so quickly, and everything was left clean and tidy.

A little story about Alexa’s problem…

Alexa called me in the morning saying her lights were flickering and the power was not working properly at he home at Harris Park.

I got her to look at the switchboard and she said the fuse was buzzing, hot and blackened. I recommended her to turn the main switch off until I arrived.

About an hour later we got there and found a dangerous hot joint in her switchboard. We gave her 2 options either repair the problem or upgrade the switchboard to current safety standards with circuit breakers and safety switches.

She chose the safety switchboard upgrade and we got her up and running a few hours later.

If you notice any problems with flickering or buzzing on anything electrical at your place please don’t hesitate to call us as if you get it fixed early you can avoid doing major damage to your electrical system.

Keep an eye out and if you need help or advice please call Aaron’s Complete Electrical on 0419 693 141. Your local Sydney Electrician

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