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Emergency Electrical Repair

Just went to Michael Lijic. It’s Sunday afternoon, he called me up at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, saying he had no power.

I tried to help him find the problem over the phone and see if he can get at least get some circuits temporarily working to get him through the evening, so that he didn’t have to pay the after hours. He was unable to find the problem so I offered to come over to his house first thing on Monday morning. But he really wanted for someone to come over tonight, even if it is Sunday night. He didn’t want to have no power for his young family for the whole night. He’s worried about the cold temperature.

So we came over and had a look at the problem. It was a 1940’s house with the old rubber wiring. This rubber wiring, every time I see it, I always recommend that they replace it since it is a notorious for causing problems. We were able to trace down the rubber wiring which was causing the power to trip. I managed to isolate this faulty cabeling and get the rest of the house back on.

It took us half an hour to get the power back and running. He wrote a testimonial and rating for us, his exact comments were:

  • Professionalism and courtesy: 5/5
  • Cleanliness and work area cleanup: 5/5
  • General service: 5/5
  • Overall satisfaction: 5/5

His exact words were: “I really appreciated Aaron dropping everything he was doing on a Sunday afternoon and coming over to get our power back. I don’t think I can handle the night with the young kids with no power, not to mention the cold night. So thanks Aaron! I will definitely recommend you.”

So once I finished the job, he paid me up and I wrote down some recommendations. I recommended that his section of wiring needed to be rewired and be separated. The main problem with his electrical wirings was that he only has one circuit, I suggested that it should be separated into three to avoid overloading. We also planned to upgrade his switchboard with individual safe switches. So in case he encounter the same problem, he’ll only lose power on that particular area and it would be easy to repair.

Now, with the age of his house and the age of his wiring, sooner or later, it is going to need rewiring. I gave him a quote for a full rewire and I also recommended to the rewiring in stages. Rewiring his house in stages can help him with the budget, since he cannot afford to do the full rewiring at once. I told him that I will start in the area that needs attention first. We are going to do it over the week; we’ll start this Monday.

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