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I received a call from Chris Weekes Hornsby. He had bought a spa bath and he needed an extra circuit to power that spa bath.

He gave us a call, we came and had a look at the job. We were quite lucky because, even though it was a big spa bath, the switchboard was good and was up to current standards. The line from the street was also big enough to handle that spa bath. We checked that we would not overload his switchboard and the load of the spa bath was well within what he had available. So all we had to do was run the circuit from the switchboard to a weather-proof switch just next to the spa and a little bit of conjuit and cable from that isolating switch into the spa to connect it up. We needed to hook up a 32 Amp circuit for him.

I gave him an upfront price and he was quite happy with the investment because he plans to use the spa as a pool for his kids during summer. They can use the spa to cool themselves during summer and they can use the heating system during winter. He approved of the investment and he was really happy.

So we did the job and he went to work. The job went very smoothly, the switchboard was in great condition. However, I did notice some faulty wiring under the house while I was running the cable. I rang him up and advised him over the phone what the cost would be to fix that wiring. He gave us the go signal to fix things up and we got it all up to standard and he was happy for that.

Like we do for all our clients I did a free safety inspection on his house and found that everything was in good condition. So I finished the job, turned the spa on and filled it up; everything was working good. I rang Chris and told him how the job went and he was really happy. He paid us and the job was done.

Chris filled up a customer satisfaction survey. Here are his ratings:

  • Cleanliness: 5/5
  • Quality of workmanship: 5/5
  • Professionalism: 5/5
  • Courtesy: 5/5

He also wrote this, “Aaron came, to look at the job and explained how easy it was for him to do the job since the switchboard was in good shape. We are really happy with the results. It was an easy process from start to finish. We would definitely recommend Aaron’s Complete Electrical as your Sydney electrician if ever you need one.”


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