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Fixing Down lights and a small safety issue for Janice at Hornsby

I went to a clients house today at Normanhurst in the lower north shore part of  Sydney. Her name was Janice Waiter. She had a problem with her down lights. Her house is probably ten years old and she has 60 down lights in her house. She said it felt like every few weeks she had another bunch of globes to change.  When she changed the bulbs in some of the rooms she found thais was not fixing the problem. She gave us a call and we came out. We identified the type of down lights and we gave her an upfront cost on the repairs. Some of the repairs required were: transformers, lamp holders and globes changing and she agreed to the upfront price and was very happy for this Sydney electrician to get the job done for her.

When we first start pulling this down lights, we noticed that there was insulation covering all of the down lights. If you could imagine a halogen down light bulb heats up to 300-350 °C and that insulation is like putting a blanket over the top of it. It gets super-hot and causes all parts of the fittings to fail and to burn out, not to mention the fire hazard. We moved the insulation out of the way and are advised about the new energy saving LED down lights which is a direct replacement for the halogen now. It has a nice wide angle of the beam on the globe so it gets an even spread of light throughout your room. The LED’s are really good. I gave her the option to change those and I also recommended heat hoods. She decided that the areas that she uses the most she would change them to the LED lights because she would save the most amount of money. It would cover the cost of installation quite quickly.

The rest of the house we just repaired the transformers or lamp holders or whatever the problem was. Now, we also found her son an eighteen year old guy. At this age they think that they know all, not to be offensive for I was one of them too. He tried to fix a light switch and have left live wires hanging out were people could get electrocuted so easily. As soon as I saw this I told Janice how dangerous it was. It took me ten minutes to fix it properly using the correct parts and only cost her about $50 to fix that.  I don’t know how long her son was trying to get it working for? Basically at the end of the day, if you get someone that knows what they’re doing, is an expert at their trade. In this case I’m an electrician. We can fix things far quicker, far easier and hundred times better than anyone who doesn’t have the experience in doing that. At the end of the job, Janice was super happy with identifying that safety issue that her son had coused. She loves the LED’s in her house and we mend the things she’s concerned at so she was really happy.

She wrote us a testimonial:
Cleanliness: 5/5
Quality of workmanship: 5/5
Professionalism: 5/5
Courtesy: 5/5

She wrote a couple of comments stating that I was very helpful and we responded promptly on her call. Janice was very satisfied with our services.

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