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Sensor and security lighting in sydney

On the 19th of the 11th of 2012

I completed a job for Wesley Mission. It is a company that looks after people with special needs.  The community takes good care of Miss Heide Hitcher. She has a full time carer to look after her as she is unable to walk properly. Her problem was she needed more light when walking to her front door and she also wanted more light for security reasons such as when strangers try to come through or near the property.

We discussed various options and considered different locations to install the lights and came up with the idea to install a motion sensor light fitting in front of her house. The light fitting would pick up movement either side of her property, especially when someone is  walking the path towards her front door.

The light we installed was a twin G9 halogen flood, a good quality light and puts out a lot of light for the energy it uses. You have to cross a beam of the sensor to trigger the light to be turned on automatically. The sensor can also be adjusted for the day and night settings. This dictates basically the time of day the sensor will turn on so if its day time and someone walks thru the beam the senso can tell and will not turn the light on but at dusk and night time when the light is low if someone crosses the sensor the light will turn on. The sensitivity can also be adjusted how sensitive it is to motions and objects that passes through the beam and it has a timer that allows you to adjust the duration that the light stays on after someone has activated it.

g9 halogen sensor light sydney installation

g9 halogen sensor light sydney installation

Miss Hitcher was so happy with the job that she came and had a look and also her carer.  They were so happy and wrote a testimonial and gave us high ratings.  Here is there testimonial and ratings:

  • Technician, neatness and cleanliness: 5/5
  • Courtesy and professionalism:  5/5
  • Working condition and Clean up:  5/5
  • Overall satisfaction:  5/5

According to Miss Hitcher, the products we installed are a smash hit. They add security to  her home and made it easier for her to move around. Aside from the great feedback, she added that she would highly recommend us to her friends and family if they need an electrician.

I also wrote down a safety report for this customer. Here are the things I noticed:

She was on a wheel chair which can pose extra safety concerns around her home.

We found a broken power point socket in her kitchen, it had a really big crack in the face of it. Somebody with wet hands may touch it or moisture in the air may cause a short circuit or even electrocution if the crack got much worse.  While we were there we gave her the option for us to replace it and she was happy ofor us to fix it while we were there.

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