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We work with a select few builders and we like to be organized. We pay our bills on time. We do everything to Australian Standards or better and take much pride in the Quality of our workmanship. We are fully licenced and insured with public liability and workers comp. We use Quality tools and materials and do not take short cuts. We will stand behind our work. 

If this sounds like the way you like to work then give Aaron a call on 0419 693 141.

This is how I like a typical job to progress… obviously there is always little obstacles, variations and other hoops to jump through… and we can sort those out as we go but the general plan is…

To start with we give you a copy of our insurances, licences and we will give you our unit price lists for the type of work you do. We also get you to sign and return the price list along with a standard term of credit document.

You request us to do a job
You phone us or Email us to book in a job or send us the plans. Please give us about a weeks notice. We can do a free quote based on the plans you send. The quote is as accurate as the information you provide and subject to a site inspection. Include lighting schedules, appliance specification sheets and any other relevant information  (If you need us to plan a job for you or to go on site for a quote then as extra work is involved… extra charges will apply).

Then we do the job…
Revise the quote and send it to you along with the bill. We will charge you only for the work we complete based on the plans, verbal instruction and price list you approved. You pay 50% of the total job after the rough in is complete. Usually 2 more site visits is all that’s required and any variations will be submitted to you in writing ASAP. Please note extra site visits and any extra work involve extra charges. Then when the work is completed to your liking we give you the final bill…you pay and we move to the next job.

If you pay on time all the time and are happy with our work then we can re-negotiate your rates. If your jobs are organized and you don’t waste our time you will save $$$. Better payers get better rates!!!

We are organized, and pump out high quality work at a competitive rate. So…if you would like us to work with you give me Aaron a call on 0419 693 141 and we will get to it.

Send your plans for a free quote.

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Post to: ACE PO Box 6147 North Ryde NSW 2113

Don't forget to include your contact details so that I can get the quote back to you ASAP.