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The benefit of installing halogen downlights in your home.

Halogen downlights are one of the most popular lighting options available. But what exactly are halogen downlights and what are the pros and cons of using this type of lighting? Read on for what you need to know.

Halogen downlights have been available for years now and are one of the most popular options when it comes to lighting the home. This is because lights are recessed, so that you only see the downlights themselves. They are commonly used in living areas, dining rooms, kitchen, hallways, bathrooms, and retains bedrooms. 12V downlight globes are more efficient and last longer than 240V halogen globes. We do not recommend Gu10 style 240 halogen globes.

Advantages to using halogen downlights

There are several advantages to using halogen downlights in the home. These include:

Considerations when using downlights

Be aware that standard halogen downlights may not be the most energy efficient option, especially if you have a large number of them installed in your home. This is because a 50W halogen downlight can actually draw 65W of power to operate; meaning that up to 15W of power is lost through using the transformer.

Dimming halogens will reduce their energy use.

The good news is that energy efficient down lights are now becoming available that give a broader and more diffuse light than halogen bulbs, which is great for general lighting. Just like normal energy efficient bulbs they use about 80% less energy and last much longer. Sometimes existing downlights can do a straight swap to energy efficient globes. However, for most people who have low voltage halogens you will need an electrician to change your fittings before you swap to energy efficient bulbs.

LED downlight use is extremely energy efficient and long lasting.

LED downlights create less heat than traditional lights, which means they last for longer (up to 50 times longer) and it means your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. LED downlights are a relatively new technology and can help you save up to 90% on your lighting cost. Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about lighting and its associated energy costs in their homes or businesses, but that would change quickly if they knew the benefits and savings provided y energy efficient lighting found on the market today.

Try to position over benches and lounge chairs where possible to avoid shadows. Place in rows that line up.

300 - 600mm from walls
1100 - 1600mm between lights for bright areas
1400 - 2000mm between lights for lounge room (not so bright)

Downlights are an effective way of lighting homes.

We are all aware of the recent spate of house fires that are directly attributed to the heat build-up from halogen downlights, under incorrectly installed insulation, causing nearby combustible materials to ignite. However, the problem is not necessarily the light fitting itself - the problem is often the downlight installation. To stop overheating occurring, or insulation covering downlight mechanisms, you need a heat hood to cover the component of the downlight that sits in the roof cavity of your home.

Downlights have the capability of opening up a room, as there are no dangling light fittings.

Talk to one of our friendly electricians today to discover how your downlights should be positioned and spaced to enhance your homes features.