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Landscape Lighting & Ponds

Landscape lighting is a personal favourite of mine…. I love the outdoors…. Warm summer BBQ’s, Beers with the boys, a few wine’s for the Ladies, the kids playing backyard cricket… Relax….Nothing better.

Get the lighting right in your outdoor area and the amount of time you spend outdoors can dramatically increase… the transformation can be amazing. With the low voltage range of garden lights currently available, no digging trenches or major renovations are required. Every yard has plenty of opportunities to create focal points, using your existing trees or architectural plants as a feature at night.

Outdoor lighting can be more dramatic than interior illumination because most gardens are larger than any room. In addition to providing a visual panorama in the garden, lighting changes the way that an outdoor space is used. Entertaining on the patio or around the swimming pool, or just enjoying the expanse of the night sky overhead, become priorities when the weather warms up.

Garden lighting will encourage al fresco activity by lighting paths and patios, and combining ornamental and functional lighting, can change the feel of such areas to create a totally different experience. A creative garden lighting scheme does not mean that you have to ignore or compromise the need for functional lighting. In homes and gardens, lighting is needed for safe access, security and take control of what is seen.

Lighting Garden Features

Of all the features in the garden, water is the one that most invites the use of lighting. Still, dark pools, rippling streams or cascading fountains and waterfalls present unparalleled opportunities for the creative and subtle use of light. Individual plants are also ideal subjects for lighting, whether it is the graceful form of an upright tree or the large, dramatic foliage of a shrub or perennial. Few gardens have no structures that can be lit - pergolas, summerhouses and arbours, for example, are all possible subjects. The structure and architecture of the house itself can be lit to emphasize striking features or disguise less attractive ones.

Let us create an outdoor area that you actually get use out of. The more you use it the better value you receive. I am yet to have an un-satisfied client when my out door lighting plans are used. Give me a challenge you won’t be disappointed!!!

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