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Property Safety Reports

As an electrical contractor who is fully licensed and insured, it is our duty to make sure that every property that we visit is protected against faulty wiring, fire and any possible electrocution risk. This requires us to perform a number of simple tests and ocular inspections to make sure your family and home are always safe.

The process is relatively simple and painless. We just need access to any area of the property including roofs and sub floor spaces, every room inside as well as the switchboard. If an accident will happen without us doing what is necessary such as few tests to notify you of a possible danger, it would certainly weigh heavily on our conscience. It would be impossible not to put value on these reports when you take into account they could save a life, your property and your wallet. In some circumstances home insurance policy will not cover you for a claim if identified that it has been caused by some of the errors we test for.