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Smoke Alarms


Smoke Alarms

Smoke from a home fire is toxic, only early warning can assist in giving your family vital time to escape a smoke filled room. Also, when asleep you will not smell the smoke from a fire and the smoke will actually put you into a deeper sleep. A smoke alarm can provide the early warning you need and is the critical first step in your home fire safety plan.

New legislation now requires smoke alarms to be installed in all residential properties. We use and recommend 240V alarms with a back up battery. We can supply and Install 1 alarm for $132 or 2 or more for $105 each.

Book you installation today and recieve a free fire safety plan, compliance certificate and safety report.

Cheaper alarms are available from your local hardware but buyer beware some alarms require a new battery more than once a year.

You can find many different types of DIY smoke alarms from your local hardware. Whatever type you choose to use we recommend that:

So if you have an older home that has regular electrical faults then the sooner you get your home rewired the better. I usually say that if ain’t broke don't fix it... but if you are worried about the risk of fire and electrocution then you are better safe than sorry. I have heard that some home insurance policies are void if old wiring is found to be the cause of a fire.

My usual recommendations are to install smoke alarms and get an electrical property safety report from us. The report will give you peace of mind that your wiring is safe and we can give you a quote for a rewire and switchboard upgrades if they are required.

What else should you do to make your home fire safe?

More smoke alarm safety tips: